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  • Can it be?? in reply to Sounds like a plan! by Ancrathian

    I've actually never seen an internet disagreement resolve as amicably as this one just did. I scrolled down expecting this thread to devolve into GTFOs and four-letter words, but I was presently surprised. Thank you for partially restoring this gamer's ...
  • Life wins without using a single HoTs unit in reply to NP by CourageEagle

    Except for vipers once I think lol
  • The purpose of this thread in reply to Balance issues with Terran by CourageEagle

    This is what this thread's heading look like from an impartial observer's perspective: "Let me tell you why you're wrong when you say Hots is unbalanced" You seem just as angry and fed as the people who are screaming imba, ...
  • Funday Monday Idea in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    The true purpose of the Funday Monday is to get people to try things they’re normally too scared to do, thereby getting them to expand their horizons.
  • ??? in reply to Interesting idea.. by toster

    That came off as pretty douchey, I'm not 100% if that's what you intended but I'm gonna respond to it as if that was your intent. There's no need for that here. If you have a logical objection to what ...
  • Good point. in reply to Matchup-Exclusive or Matchup-Focused? by Fierce_Deku

    I love the semi-useless upgrade idea. Like make corrupters REALLY good versus only bio, so that a player could sac a few corrupters against an opponents brood lords and just cancel them out really easily, something like that. Remember SC2 ...
  • I know in reply to How about it? by Leonoux

    Haha I was just saying that, I'm sure it's perfectly defendable. The most obvious solution to me would be to use lings to scout it better. In the Ohana map Sen let parting take the watchtower with just 1 stalker ...
  • How about ZvP? in reply to This is fun. by Leonoux

    I can understand that, I'm just getting tired of infestor broodlord There has to be more out there. Also that immortal sentry all-in that's not an all-in in any sense of the word is bullshit. I'm glad im not ...
  • Good idea in reply to At what cost? by Leonoux

    You're not rambling lol. I like what you said. I'd be in favor of a larger tier 3 unit selection but I don't know if blizzard wants to put in the time to develop them. My main question is WHY ...
  • Lol no tanks in reply to Takes time. by Leonoux

    Like I said it's the concept that interests me. I'm sure you would agree that it's easier to balance several individual matchups than all of them at once. You could really do anything you wanted, add a unit (lurkers in ...
  • I hope it does in reply to Interesting by jbigg2012

    I've never heard a pro complain that there was too much to learn in terms of strategy or unit composition, it's ALWAYS about balance. I don't think anyone would complain if making the game a little more complicated made it ...
  • SC2 changes to promote more interesting play/ fix balance issues

    So I've been hearing a LOT of complaining from all races about balance issues in WOL and HoTS. Dustin Browder's interview with teamliquid at the BWC was a really interesting recap of most of the issues I've been hearing. I've ...
  • MLG Dallas Youtube Archive in reply to MLG Fall Championship @ Dallas - Day 1 by Day9

    Hey Day[9] will we be able to see your upcoming MLG Dallas casts on youtube? Or will it only be live? If it's only live I've gotta change my schedule :)