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  • I agree in reply to I know he already played FTL but.... by concept514

    besides, I just finished updating my Battlecruiser mod for it, I would be SO happy if I saw day[9] playing it.. If it's ok I'll just post a link here:
  • Try it out! in reply to overpowered IMO by zeek

    And tell me If it's too easy. You're right, cloaking is unavailable. The lasers have a 16 sec cooldown though so they're worse than burst mk1's and enemies have more time to repair. Poor laser count per power and weapon ...
  • FTL: Battlecruiser mod

    I originally got into Faster Than Light by watching the day9's day off. Of course, being a huge Starcraft fan I often named my ships (especially the fed cruiser) as "Battlecruiser" or known battlecruisers like "Hyperion" or "Alexander" and the ...