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  • Zerg Build Orders

    Hi im curently in Top Platinium division , i havent played starcraft for 7 months now , back then i was top diamond , and i dont rember any build orders or timings at all especialy for zvt and zvp ...
  • Dont be mad ! in reply to Well by josh.florea.5

    Well tthere are a lot of variety . and i gave all the cons and pros fo each build . evry 1 is free to chose what to to . i dint say your build is awful , but its ...
  • Pool First is a NONO ! in reply to That by tomi.pereni

    Finaly ... had a hard time starting to tipe... Well now i'm top Diamond Zerg on Eu MMr of a low master ( but does not mater ) about mad pandas advices , they are good . nothign to be ...
  • YEAH in reply to FireFall Fest with Day[9] by Day9

    yeah for sure pls one for me
  • that would be funny in reply to Let's see by XcelShark

    but be dont want to kill our sean . but i would still like to see that
  • qeen is too easy :) i did that a few times .. in reply to Queen by Zeiros

    do something else ..something more entertaining ..