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  • Word in reply to More love for Terran by ToastieNL

    I think the black eyed peas put it the best when they said... Protoss kill and Zerg be dying Widow mines hurt and they be cryin Day 9 got me got me questionin
  • StarCraft 2: The Mass Appeal Effect

    Hey there friends, Awhile back I talked to a few people on here about my then in-progress research paper. I am proud to announce it is finished now and I have posted it in all of its completed glory on ...
  • Nailed It! in reply to Day[9] Daily #545 - Funday Monday: Sky Terran by Day9

    Got my submission in...things got dicey out there when like 50 corruptors showed up...but its nothing a couple mass repaired thors cant handle, Day 9 you can be my wingman any time.
  • But the new unit is sooo useful in reply to Just 1 usefull new unit by govie

    You should check out HTOMario's stream on teamliquid or twitch. He uses widow mines for all sorts of things that you wouldnt expect to work. I stole some of his tactics today and discovered that in some scenarios widow mine ...
  • Research Update in reply to Dear Day [9] I Want to Write About You! by travis.ahlgren

    Hey guys, if anybody's still checkin on this post, I'm getting ever closer to the part where I actually write my paper. At this point I'm supposed to have a refined question and direction and blah blah blah. So after ...
  • Thanks in reply to Email and Mail by LordMatsu

    I will definitely try this out because I had no idea how to get ahold of him, hence my somewhat desparate post.
  • Thanks for the support in reply to GLHF! by Kitty4Cat

    I will gladly share it once it is completed I may even cite these lightning fast and helpful responses when I try to explain what the StarCraft community is. Hopefully by the time I'm done my teacher will only be ...
  • Dear Day [9] I Want to Write About You!

    Dear Day [9], I have been a fan of the show for awhile now and have been playing SC 2 since I got out of the Marine Corps in August 2011. I am currently going to college and am in ...