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  • Hopefully fixable in reply to Diablo3 Day Knights Clan Formed by GhostStalker

    In the "settings" section on the ingame community page thingthere is the option to change your own ranking inside the groupYou may want to change this as while the DayKnights tend to be good people this could lead to trolling ...
  • Dear god in reply to Riddle Time by Bergtau

    Please can you just let me know the answer to thisI can't work it out, outsourced to family and noone can get itMy first guess was Word/Sword/Words/Swordsbut idk if that is it
  • Game changing luck of "Mind Games" priest spell

    Mind Games4 mana costPut a copy of a random minion from your opponent's deck onto the battlefield Anyone got any good luck with this spell? I had a game just then where on turn 3 I coined into using this ...
  • Fright Week 2013 Alan Wake

    I was just thinking about Halloween and wondering what game Day[J] was going to play this year.My vote is for Alan Wake, not a jump scare of such and more of a story driven horror.Anyone else played it/want to see ...