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  • About: Im a SC2 Protoss (Currently Silver) but im also a lets player as well. setting up my youtube channel and twitch channel as of right now and trying to get everything up and running smoothly. Day[9] has been a HUGE inspiration to me and i love everything he does for his fans and the esports community. Proud subscriber to his twitch channel also! <3
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  • Thank You All! in reply to Name Help! by urbanicon

    youve all been a great help and every ounce of advice is being taken into account! thank you all agian very much!
  • Name Help!

    Hello fellow Day9 forum surfers, i have a little dilemma that i would greatly appreciate your help in solving. On my SC2 account i need a new "Name/Gamer ID" i currently have (ExecutEIcoN) and i am no longer with the ...
  • I would GREATLY appreciate a HOTS Beta Key if any are still availiable in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    i know this is a semi late post but i would LOVE a HOTS key. been a starcraft fan ever since broodwar and the original starcraft so it would be awesome if i could get a beta key XD
  • TY All :) in reply to Updated Day[9] Daily Playlist? by urbanicon

    Thanks everyone :) after watching the Daily so often now ive just started to LOVE the music he plays so anything helps :)
  • Thanks Mate :) in reply to ^^ by Ravager

    ty ill definately do that
  • Updated Day[9] Daily Playlist?

    i saw on some threads on TL n such that Day[9] has a "playlist" of sorts. or at least thats what ive come to understand when reading those posts (now dont devour me if im wrong) but is there an ...
  • Ty so much :) in reply to Tungsten by ntucker

    Ty sir means a lot! is there any link such as somthing from say for example because im not 100% sure on how to actually access the font becuse i want to use it for a photshop project im ...
  • My Day[9] Epic Amnesia Wallpaper! in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

  • Day[9] Font?

    Would anyone happen to know what font Day[9] uses for his "Day[9]TV" logo, or is it just a custom image he made? i dont think im the only one curious about this and i didnt see any post already about ...