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  • heres how I do it in reply to Thanks All by Casperdmnz

  • hey :D in reply to idea by KarelTheTossMaster

    Thanks! I've been able to play a little bit. If you are ever bored, here are some replays from today. The zerg and terran I won. I have been trying to go more quickly and attack. If I wait too ...
  • i stream in reply to Community Streams by Riuna

    Hey everyone!
  • Thanks in reply to Research, Practice and more Practice by Cyanide66

    thanks. To normally have 2 base so macro 3 hard for me. I'll practice that. the Phoenix scout is a great idea. Sometimes I have trouble with my control groups. How should I set them for my army ESP when ...
  • Thanks in reply to there you go! by KarelTheTossMaster

    wow thanks so much. I will read all and practice. Do you think I shouldnplaynjust wol? Without the expansion? Do you think I should play through the campaigns to learn more about my enemies? i am planning on playing a ...
  • [H] Protoss new player seeking guidance

    hello all! my name is vervamon. I started playing sc2 about 3 week ago. I've made it to silver after being placed in dead last bronze. However when trying to improve I know a few areas that I can work ...