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  • touche in reply to Legacy of the Void by printf

    Good point, I was thinking that after I submitted this post... current day strategies will be meaningless in LoTV with the complete different style of economy and units. Still waiting on my pre-order beta to get emailed to me, but ...
  • Getting back into SC - Winter is coming!

    Hi, I've taken a pretty long break from SC (season 4 2014 platinum). Was hoping someone could help me out in just hitting the ground running with some basic strategies that are popular in today's 1v1 with zerg.
  • Email sent in reply to Can you email me? by SteppeLively

    Wow thanks stephanie (and anders :-D!). I sent you an email, coming from Just let me know what you need from me. Is the autograph personalized at all?
  • Grats in reply to phew by megalaks

    Grats anders on getting the first place! Also thanks so much for the help!!!
  • grats in reply to 9:41! by FluffyPanda

    grats man. since I didnt manage to get top 3 with spending prob similar time as you, ill gonna pretend my effort was with you :-D attempted for another 5 hrs tonight with the 9:39 build, still only got 9:55 ...
  • How long did you guys all spend on this challenge? in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Zerg by SteppeLively

    I spent over 21 hours according to Raptr :-( lawl. Totally out of real game practice now. Steph, are there any signed mousepads for most hours invested? I can keep trying but i know I wont beat those times v_v
  • :-p in reply to 9:45 queen/drone by FluffyPanda

    haha, crap, that knocks me out of the top 3. Back to the drawing board!!! :-p
  • wow in reply to 9:39 by andrei.yauseyenka

    wow thats freakin fast >_<
  • Double up - Boom Boom! 09:47 in reply to Boom! 09:48 by wakeboardsean

    # more fine changes :-p pushing 09:46 is getting exponentially tougher
  • Boom! 09:48 in reply to Ugh... I admit defeat. 09:49 by wakeboardsean

    # There we go :-) more work to go! --IOEggception
  • >_< in reply to Ugh... I admit defeat. 09:49 by wakeboardsean

    fml, just realized im a single mineral turn in, between like 160 drones, away from 9:48 >_< the slightest of miliseconds. there is more work to be done!!!
  • Ugh... I admit defeat. 09:49 in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Zerg by SteppeLively

    Took me 4 days of constant trying after work for about 5-6 hours eachday... and i coudlnt cut it down at all more than i did on my 2nd day (nor could I even reproduce this replay) :-(, my ...
  • the swarm is coming in reply to Minor Shifting by SteppeLively

    I've got one brewed up, hoping to shave off another second or two. spent three 5 hour sessions working at this challenge, actually learning alot about economics in the process :-p
  • :-( in reply to 10:08 by jorg.markert.7

    No idea ho you pulled this off, ive tried 4hatch so many times with roaches, fastest i could swing was 10:30 with what i thought was perfect larva injects and no ovie blocks... I think what its coming down to ...