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  • i dont plan to give up in reply to Keep going by soopse

    in fact i am starting my league team today and i wont give up i promise all of you that and i thank you for the support
  • you guys are the best in reply to You are the coolest by itsbecca

    i really love that everyone here has been this supportive its great to see people understand how others feel thanks guys
  • thanks :D in reply to You are the coolest by itsbecca

    that's really nice i am glad you think that and i appreciate the comment very much
  • thanks in reply to Never Give Up :) <3 by mirrageofhope

    the positive feed back is always appreciated i think that all gamers should feel accepted and i feel accepted here
  • thanks :D in reply to Never give up, Never surrender. by LordMatsu

    thanks for the positive feed back
  • i love this daily in reply to That's Awesome! by VAPORzeroapm

    thank you for sharing this daily i have only seen one other time but it was along time ago and i really loved to watch it again thanks
  • iv seen that one :D in reply to You're not the only one =) by B0rst1

    i loved when he talked about the kittens and ninja stars and i have talk about it to others to :D its my favorite
  • hello day 9

    hello, day 9 i saw you at MLG. i was the last person to talk to you. Before you went to cast and i told you how much you have inspired me and how much i look up to you. ...