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  • Day[9] Logic in reply to Lone Star Clash 2 Day 1 by Day9

    Needs a Professional photo...Lets just use the one i always use.
  • hihi in reply to Yes by thalo.menninga

    do you have skype? my comps on a low level so i still play bw often.
  • zerg in reply to just do it? by RemusT

    So what im getting from this is the only reason to get fast ghost is for emp? but against zerg i agree it would be useless because of overlords being detec. what about tvt?
  • in reply to title by philip.benjamin.alexander

    That is the reason i want it to work, because i haven't seen it done before.I think that if i can get reasonable defense i can harass with cloak
  • same issue in reply to Race Choice Problems by Brakepoint

    I also love playing as Terran but find zerg easy, a good way to think about it is that the more you play as a certain race the better you get (practice makes perfect). Winnings fun but its not the ...
  • Coming up with a build

    Ive been trying to come up with a fast ghost build but im not sure how to execute it or even if the build is worth it. why fast ghost? because ghosts are AWESOME thats why!