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  • it's really depends in reply to to many scv's ???? by masterblaste

    u should have 22 workers per base, 16 on min and 6 on gas. and you shouldn't have more than 75 workers because it will just start eating in to your army size.
  • 11:11 in reply to Fastest Max!!!! - Terran by SteppeLively

    Max at 11:11 used blue mage's build but no orbital and more factory This is fun and hard xD
  • Something to consider!

    Lately l've been thinking that it would be so swag if i can have an email that ends with :D I really wish i could make one and that would just be so swag!
  • How do i move it? in reply to Great! by Riuna

    as title said :D
  • 1st awesome game played :D in reply to Celebration Thread by itsbecca

    I will dedicate my 1st post to one of my awesome game i played :D for the first time in my life i won a base trade against terran. epic game :D