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  • +1 in reply to Ruins of a lost civilization. by richard.maschmeyer

    Great Idea!
  • Difference in reply to difference between leauge by masterblaste

    Mainly everything, players in higher leagues get things much quicker and smoother than lower leagues, they have started to figure out macro of continually building probes and making an army, but generally macro, micro(macroing while in a micro battle) and ...
  • Against Zerg in reply to Helping by daniel.mascitello

    After watching few replays and what your saying I do think (at my level anyways lol) that going into mech probably would be best, thanks a ton!
  • Any Advice on TvZ ?

    I am a higher gold level player, hang around rank 15-25, so my micro/macro etc aren't the greatest nor the worst and I do have a lot to fix, but I would have to say TvZ is my weakest match ...
  • Looking for casual friends - practise partners in SC2 hots in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Currently in silver level, looking for teammates to help me learn and practice against, also would be a lot of fun for 2v2, League - Silver B tag - xXMc1ovinXx#1221
  • Response in reply to Protoss totally forgotten? by Jockel

    Hard counter is one of the worst things to use in SC2 because most of the time its mechanics or other things, yes a daily would be nice, but dont try and find that one "hard counter" focus on different ...
  • Change up in reply to TvZ - Reaper - Marauder Strat by brans041

    you can keep your build, but if you see your opponent doing a early zergling rush, wall off place a few marines and repair wall when needed, as u macro up (building units)expand safely, remember to keep scouting, if you ...
  • Day [9] Off Suggestion in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I think Dark spore would be a good game for your day off, we would be able to see you create your own character and go from there! :)
  • Good Luck :) in reply to New Caster by prometheus0099

    Hope it goes great, hope everything goes smooth :)
  • Tip In Hots T v P

    Ive come across several games where the Protoss just go straight to skytoss, Anyone know a good build to decently counter this? I'm a Silver leauge player who just needs to learn better positioning and map control, and tips would ...
  • Beta Key in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    Hello, earlier my friend was able to get me a key for Dota 2, Now I have a beta key for Hots but I want to be able to return my friends kindness in giving him a Key to Hots, ...