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  • Thanks in reply to noice by toby.horak

    really, thanks a lot <3
  • You sound like a bejewjular guy :3 in reply to Props! by Danify

    Thank you :) Well I'm the designer and artist... so for my artsy work I use Flash,Photoshop and Texture Packer (various other smaller softwares as well) The engine is made ALMOST from scratch, in Lua using the Love 2D framework ...
  • <3 in reply to Damn.. by IronCupcake

    Well, it's still in pre-alpha and there is much much work to do, we hope for a Q3 2013 release. But we'll have a demo out in the next 30 days, gotta prepare for GDC :D
  • Thanks :D in reply to From one humble game dev... by Cres

    Puzzles are so fun to design :) and we're making it so it's more challenging than regular puzzle games on purpose (fans of oldschool games) you can try the flash prototype made in 2010 at http://concerned-joe.com/
  • Concerned Joe in reply to What kind of game would YOU make? by Day9

    I am currently working on a game called Concerned Joe where you play as a little blue dude that loses health if he doesn't move constantly :) I just released a pre-alpha gameplay video, check it out
  • Glad i could help in reply to No joke... by itsbecca

    You are even a more lovely human being
  • Haha in reply to Thanks so much for this! by lxstudio

    Glad you liked it :P
  • Wow thanks D: in reply to This is now bookmarked by itsbecca

    Peter go buy boots it's like.. my least fav. game i made XD it's a joke game... try Concerned Joe :P that's my fav.
  • Something I made for Day9

    http://xelubest.com/core/ YEAHHH!!! BEHEMOTH REACTOR!