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  • I can do it in reply to Searching for a Zerg coach by MoonYuhn

    Add TheGiantNome.809 in game. If anyone else wants coaching i can do that as well. Masters every season since January 2013. Diamond atm, although I will get masters again shortly.
  • You kind of missed the point... in reply to Yes, but no by Wyrm

    OK! I'm not saying that you cannot kill hellbat drops. What I am saying is that THEY WILL ALMOST ALWAYS DO DAMAGE!!!! You talked about overlord scouting, as a masters league player I like to think that I have decent ...
  • KIND OF in reply to Or by Gaizokubanou

    If your making enough roaches to split up into different defensive positions you are making far more than you can make so that you can play out a mid or late game. A queen and spore are mandatory to hold ...
  • Winfestors in reply to With you... by gilgamesh_v9

    Winfestors were good before HOTS. There are several reasons why winfestors are now trashfestors. REASON 1: They do something like 18 damage less than they used to. REASON 2: Projectile fungal hits literally nothing, and if it does please refer ...
  • Reasons why hellbats don't have weaknesses in reply to They can be annoying by Noobsauce

    The notion that anything you said is a weakness is absurd for multiple reasons. Let us begin with "the inability to shoot up", what are you suggesting I do? I the case of a hellbat drop even 2 base muta ...
  • YOU WOULD THINK SO! in reply to Roaches by NameLips

    Yeah, i thought so as well. Then i realized WAIT THEY HAVE SPEED MEDIVACS!!!! So your roaches are in your main, he laughs at you and goes to the nat, then the third. So by the time you catch up ...
  • Young Padawan has come to learn the ways of the OP. in reply to What are the OP things? by gilgamesh_v9

    Let me begin this with a story. There was once a man named David Kim and he loved to learn about WW2, and one day he became a game designer. His love for WW2 still in his heart he decided ...
  • Day9's Latest Blog

    Hey all! I am EmNGiantNome (Brian). I have been interested in getting a job in e-Sports for the last 2 years and have been interested in running tournaments for the last several months. Day9's latest blog has finally pushed me ...
  • Question in reply to Christmas Fundraiser (Read) by AjaxsUzername

    Hey anyway I can get in on this. I would love to help in anyway I can. Unfortunately I can't help financially :p