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About DayKnight 30 Day Projects


Have you ever told yourself “I’ll do it someday” and later realized that someday may never come unless you make that day today? Want to clean out your garage? Get in shape? Learn a new skill? Write a story?

DayKnight 30 day projects provide a place to commit to a personal project and share your goals, progress, and delays with a supportive community. Get started today!

Project Advice

Define your project

  • Break down your project into as many small, actionable steps as possible and fill in each week’s milestones with these concrete items.
  • Focus on your process (inputs) over the end product (outputs)! For example "Go to the gym 3x/week and stop drinking soda" over "Lose 5lbs".
  • Avoid goals which are out of your direct control. For example use "Write a 10,000 word short story" instead of "Win an award for my story".

Find motivation and avoid procrastination

  • Set specific days and times to work on your project. Add these to your calendar or set an alarm. When these times come, try turning off your phone and turning on a browser extension to block time wasting sites.
  • Write down and review your daily tasks each morning.
  • Share your struggles or find an accountabilibuddy in our Discord under #30-day-project-chat.
  • Beat Procrastination (long but worth it, try 1.5x speed)


Q: Can I have multiple projects?
A: Picking a single project will increase your odds of success and make it easier to focus. If you’re confident that you want to juggle multiple projects, go for it!

Q: What if I want to start early or late?
A: The dates are just guidelines to help the community stay on the same page.

Q: Can my project be longer than 30 days?
A: Even if your complete vision will take longer, we encourage you to break it into a segment that can be completed in 30 days. About 40% of participants continue their project long after the event ends, the hard part is getting started and building habits!

Q: I’m way behind, what do I do?
A: This is completely normal! Half of all participants are too ambitious at the start so feel great about your progress and adjust your scope and weekly milestones to set yourself up for success.