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Tower Defense Game in JavaSript

olehermanse GameDev DK30 Fall 2020 5 2


I’d like to learn more javascript / web development, so I’ll take this dk30 to work on a small tower defense game.

Recent Updates

olehermanse 3 years ago

The DK30 is over, I finished everything I wanted to do, one week past deadline.

For anyone who’d like to try, the game is playable here:

I wrote a short summary on my blog:

Maybe I’ll keep working on this and post some more updates there.

olehermanse 3 years ago

Enemy types, tower types, etc.:

olehermanse 3 years ago

Randomized spawn and goal, UI, money, levels:

olehermanse 3 years ago

Proper pathfinding implemented, moves in all 4 directions, much faster, and doesn’t get stuck on hard problems:

olehermanse 3 years ago

Some slow, basic, recursive brute force path finding works:

olehermanse 3 years ago

Towers now rotate towards target and shoot lasers:

olehermanse 3 years ago

Basic moving enemies and towers using triangles:

olehermanse 3 years ago

You can now place circles (towers):

olehermanse 3 years ago

Basic website deployed with JS canvas rendering a grid:

olehermanse 4 years ago

Project is set up here:

And deployed here:

Estimated Timeframe

Oct 15th - Nov 15th

Week 1 Goal

The goal for week 1 is to just get the project set up, with some basic structure:

  • Resizable html canvas
  • Basic drawing / grid

Week 2 Goal

In week 2 I will focus on basic gameplay:

  • Placing towers
  • Moving enemies
  • Towers shooting enemies
  • Reward money when enemies die

Week 3 Goal

For week 3, I’d like to make the game more interesting:

  • Collision / block enemies with towers
  • Pathfinding for enemies to get around towers

Week 4 Goal

For week 4 I’d like to focus on polish:

  • Levels
  • Points
  • Artwork?
  • UI / Menus?


  • gamedev
  • programming
  • javascript