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Cyberpunk 2020 / FNFF web calculator.

Hebdomad Code and Eng DK30 Fall 2020 1 3


This is a project I’ve been working on for about two months now after work and on days off. It calculates damage output for the table top role playing game, cyberpunk 2020. The JavaScript is functional. The website looks garbage. I need to improve my CSS and HTML skills and work on the site each week and hopefully have something I can use as a folio piece.

Recent Updates

Hebdomad 2 years ago

so yeah, I’m calling this done for ‘30 day projects’.

Hebdomad 2 years ago

Ok, so after spending much of the week trying to get javascript modules to work, I just went back to putting it all back into one big old file. But I did make one last bit of progress and that’s add the basic layout of the AOE table on the left hand side. With this I should start to be able to add area of effect weapon results, I even for thrown weapons like grenades. Given this is the last day of the 30 day project, I think I achieved a lot in learning how CSS works. And a LOT on how it doesn’t work. But I also keep getting distracted with things like setting up a home web server to run the thing off.

Will this thing ever appear on the net for other cyberpunks to jack into? yeah you bet chombatta… Will it cover martial arts? Not for a long while yet. Blunt instruments and weapons first, fancy fists later. Will you make a whole RGP character manager that the ref can give live updates to player characters via home server and players can shop with actual credits? … whoh… slow down now. If I do that I’ma gonna have to delay this project again and again… we know what that looks like, I want this to be a functional release before the end of 2020 ya know…

Hebdomad 2 years ago

Well I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall. I’ve got all the temporary graphics in and I can’t really add to the CSS until I add more features to the program. I guess I call this 30 day project complete? eh… I’ve still got another 10 days to go. I guess I can add more features AND add the CSS along with it. Maybe even get some proper graphics in.

Hebdomad 2 years ago

No progress over the long weekend (football grand finals in Australia) So slow going this week so far. Slowly fleshing things out. I want to start customising the form inputs from a less default look. Getting them looking more like buttons on an old 80s bit of tech hardware. Put some placeholder graphics in too. The graphical AOE and Hitlocation features are not complete but the size is about right.

Hebdomad 2 years ago

Been working (mostly) on the CCS. Might have got distracted and added more features to the javaScript program. I’d say most the CSS layout grid wise is done. I’ve just got to cram all the things in and make them look awesome.

Hebdomad 2 years ago

some images of what I want this thing to look like…

Estimated Timeframe

Oct 16th - Nov 15th

Week 1 Goal

Is just me figuring out CSS and how to make things look the way I want it too.

Week 2 Goal

Start work on the simplest part. The background, colour scheme and general layout of the website. Things should also generally fit size and proportion wise as well.

Week 3 Goal

Start nailing down the UI look. Getting the input buttons and tables looking nice.

Week 4 Goal

Dare I stretch to make this all work on a mobile site as well? This goal is not realistic. I’ll probably still be working on getting things looking nice. image of what I want it to kinda look like style wise > ![]


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